Patient Testimonials

When I met Dr. Aieta for an appointment about a year ago I was just turning 37 and I told him I felt like I was turning 80. I was exhausted all the time despite getting enough sleep, was over weight, constantly catching colds and it seemed like any little stressor would knock me down for weeks. I had been to numerous doctors and all of which after checking me out told me that there was nothing wrong with me and that I just needed to exercise, go on a diet and lose some weight. I explained to them that I was too tired to exercise and that I ate very little during the day but still couldn’t lose weight. One of the doctors told me I was just depressed and wrote me a prescription for an anti-depressant. I decided to try the medication out of desperation, which made me even more tired and it actually made me gain even more weight. Luckily I heard about Dr. Aieta through a friend at work who insisted that I go see him. I asked what he would do different from all the other doctors I had already seen and she said “he’ll listen to you and really figure out what is going on with you.” I decided to give Dr. Aieta a try, and thank God I did.

At our first meeting Dr. Aieta did just what my friend said he would, he listened to me and actually told me what he thought was going on. After hearing my story he asked me questions and did a complete physical exam, he then explained to me that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue. Dr. Aieta told me that do to all of the repeated stresses in my life over the past few years, as well as my poor diet and lifestyle had finally caught up with me and I couldn’t bounce back anymore. He told me that my battery pack was on empty. He confirmed this diagnosis after running blood work and said that I had very low cortisol (my stress hormone) and a sluggish thyroid. Dr. Aieta then changed my diet and lifestyle, taught me some stress management techniques and prescribed supplements and herbs for my adrenals and thyroid.

It was amazing how quickly I started to feel better after making these changes. It was like someone recharged my battery. I started to lose weight, even though I was eating more and now had enough energy to exercise again. It was amazing how Dr. Aieta knew what was going on with me after just one visit and how all the other doctors had missed it…I guess they just weren’t listening.


I walked into Dr. Aieta’s office as a 26 year old that felt like an elderly person. I was so exhausted. It had gotten to the point where I spend most of my day just lying around because doing almost anything took so much energy out of me. I would try going to the gym, but would only last a few weeks because I would be even more tired than when I started. My stomach constantly hurt and it was almost impossible for me to lose weight. I had gone to my traditional doctor who referred me to a thyroid specialist. They found nothing and literally told me “Your just getting older”. I laughed and couldn't believe they were telling a 26 year old that all my symptoms were a result of age! I was fed up and decided to do a little research into alternative medicine.

I found Dr. Aieta’s website and was thoroughly impressed by the testimonials. I read an article he had written on Adrenal fatigue and felt a glimmer of hope that I might have found someone who could help me. Dr. Aieta has changed my life. He did help me. That first day I walked into the office, I felt relieved in finding a doctor who really listened to me.

I learned to change my eating habits using a well written guide by Dr. Aieta that was extremely enlightening. Just by lowering my carb intake, all my stomach issues have disappeared. I also started taking a few supplements.

My vitamin D was extremely deficient, something my traditional doctor had never even thought to test for. That, in combination with taking a few other supplements put me on the road to well being. Now, a year later, I have more energy than I know what to do with. I think clearer, I lost 25 pounds, and my overall quality of life has improved dramatically. Most importantly, I am happy. 


Dear Dr. Aieta,
You have made my arthritic, “ready for knee replacement left knee” so much better that the surgeon who took the x-rays in 2001 and told me the only thing to rectify my situation was a knee replacement, was more than a little surprised that there is so little arthritis in the left knee, that the right knee now has more arthritis. After two years of waking and walking with extreme pain and taking over the counter anti-inflammatory meds and prescription drugs, as a last resort I turned to you and acupuncture before submitting to the knee replacement. You started me on treatments of ultra-sound and acupuncture, along with various vitamins and herbs and change of diet, the end of April 2003. It is now the end of August 2003 and I am completely pain free, off all anti-inflammatory and pain meds and now I come every 3 weeks for an “acupuncture tune-up.”

I cannot believe that you were the only doctor to notice the poor circulation in my legs and did something for it and that although blood tests showed my thyroid medication had the right numbers I was still hypothyroid and needed a supplemental boost. I want to thank you for what you have done for me in the past and what I know you will be doing for me in the future.

With sincere gratitude,


Dear Dr. Aieta:
My family and I cannot say enough positive things about the way you have treated my health problems. After my heart by-pass surgery in 1997, I spent five years losing my breath and coughing whenever I tried to speak more than three sentences. My cardiologist and my internist sent me to a pulmonary doctor who prescribed Claritin. I took this drug along with my blood pressure pills, cholesterol lowering medication and aspirin. Nothing stopped the coughing and the sleepless nights for which my internist prescribed sleeping pills. Then I met you at a party and while talking, you asked me what prescriptions I was taking. Having just gone to another pulmonary doctor that week, I still had the list of medications in my wallet. You told me one of my medications had a side effect of chronic cough. You also found that the Lipitor was causing my muscle pain and weakness.

To make a very long story short, after two months in your care, with a change of diet, switching medications and your vitamin and nutrient supplements, my blood pressure is the best it has been in twenty years, I am sleeping better without the aid of pills, I have not coughed in over a year and I have much more energy overall. I am also taking a much lower dose of my cholesterol medication because my cholesterol came down so much and the CoQ10 supplement took away my muscle pain and weakness. My follow up blood work also showed that I reduced the amount of inflammation in my arteries by half reducing my risk for another cardiac problem. I would not have believed that all this could happen with alternative medicine, but I am now a true believer.

Thank you so much,


Are you feeling like you cannot drag yourself out of bed, can sleep for 24 hours a day and still feel like a dish rag, have NO energy at all, walk around feeling like a zombie, very depressed?…so did I-and the problem is very real and not in your head…

It is close to the 1 year anniversary when I was blessed to meet Dr. Aieta and get the most thorough evaluation of my health history-EVER. At our very first meeting, Dr. Aieta spent way over an hour talking to me and going over a very detailed questionnaire about my entire health and family history. He really listened to me explain about my numerous problems at 47 years of age. Every other doctor just filled me with drugs, never explained why or what they would do to me and kind of dismissed me, as if all of my problems were all in my head. They made me feel like I was wasting their time and I was feeling very depressed and very hopeless. My life felt very grim and my life and marriage were suffering-basically I felt like crawling under the covers and never getting up!!!

Actually that is what did happen. Some of you reading this may feel the same way-so extremely tired that you simply cannot get yourself out of bed. A few years ago, at the age of 45, I developed severe asthma-out of the clear blue-severe chronic fatigue, high blood pressure and severe depression. I was put on several medications, and still had to make several visits to the e.r. due to severe asthma attacks. After one visit to Dr. Aieta, he recommended I eliminate all dairy products from my diet. I thought to myself cut out milk and I'll have no asthma-yeah right-well, well, well it did just that. People-I am so sincerely telling you asthma sufferers that it absolutely, positively works. Apparently, the dairy products produce a great deal of phlegm and congestion-contributing to the asthma attacks. I tell you I have been asthma free for one year now-just by cutting all dairy products out of my diet. I have also tested it by having a great piece of chocolate moose cake and have started wheezing shortly after. It is so hard-but so worth the benefits.

Dr. Aieta does a complete blood evaluation on his patients-no doctor I've ever known does that. I would beg my regular doctor to do some blood work-they'd say your fine just get more exercise. After receiving the results of my blood work, Dr. Aieta informed me of my blood type-which I never knew and would always ask for. He also informed me of the most valuable information of my life-there WAS something really wrong with me-it was not in my head. I'll tell you I could have kissed him right then and there. I had what is called severe Adrenal Fatigue-a very real and dangerous condition. (Please read Dr. Aieta's article on Adrenal Fatigue on his web site). Through my blood work, Dr. Aieta found out my cortisol levels were extremely low, thus causing my extreme fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, etc.

Dr. Aieta put me on a diet according to my blood type, put me on natural supplements and now it is one year later as I sit here writing this wonderful testimonial about the man who literally saved my life. I am feeling like my old self again-able to enjoy and embrace life. Dr. Aieta still continues to monitor my health and does blood work every few months. Every time I have a question or concern I can e-mail or call Dr. Aieta and he gets back to me so fast it amazes me. I feel he truly cares about me as a person, and I cannot begin to tell you how priceless that it is.

Anyone reading this who is hesitant about seeing a naturopathic phyiscian-please please call right now and make an appointment to see and meet the most amazing doctor-Dr. Aieta. My family and I are truly indebted to him forever...
Very, very sincerely,


If you are not feeling well and have had it with traditional medicine, Dr. Aieta is the physician for you. His approach to better health is very refreshing and it works. He does comprehensive blood work and a complete history to find the deficiencies your body may have. In my case, there were many. Dr. Aieta develops a plan, when followed, gives you great results. I followed his plan and haven't felt this well in years.

I was a 50 year old, insulin diabetic, who was a slave to injecting insulin 4 times a day for 5 ½ years and my A1C (my 3 month marker for blood sugar) just kept going up. My A1C was 8.2 when I first went to Dr. Aieta and after 4 months on his plan, it dropped to 6 and I have been off insulin for 2 months now. I was also gaining weight due to the insulin use, and had extreme high and extreme low glucose readings at unpredictable times that just left me feeling drained and shaky. I was so disgusted with checking my blood sugar 4-6 times a day because I felt so lousy and was willing to do whatever it took to make me feel better.

I am so grateful to have met Dr. Aieta. I followed his diet and have been off insulin for 2 months now and I want everyone out there to know that it is possible to feel better and have better glucose numbers if you follow what Dr. Aieta says. It is not that difficult to eat whole foods that are unprocessed when they actually make you feel better. I don't miss the bread, pasta and cereals because I never felt good after I ate them anyway. It was only a momentary pleasure but I always paid the price in higher glucose numbers and the enormous crash afterwards which led me to seek more starches to help regulate my blood sugar. I have lost 40 pounds in the process and it really keeps me motivated. It is so great not having to use insulin or any other medication to regulate my blood sugar. No traditional physician ever checked my pancreas to see if it was even producing insulin. Fortunately, my pancreas was working and with the change in diet and supplements my own insulin is now working more effectively to move nutrients into my cells.

I am also very disgusted with the Diabetes Association because their diabetic diet really does nothing to regulate glucose throughout the day. Counting carbs used to drive me crazy and the really frustrating part is it never worked and made me feel awful. It is horrible that the pharmaceutical companies advertise their new products for diabetes which have so many awful side effects when you can, in most cases, change your diet and not need them in the first place.

In addition, I have also gotten off prednisone which I have been taken for many years due to breathing problems. Due to the long term use of prednisone my adrenals are really burned out and I now take natural cortisol in it's place with other supplements and have no breathing problems, whatsoever, and no more side effects from the terrible prednisone. The traditional physicians I have seen never took me off of anything and only added more medications. I have also stopped using my Lanoxin after 20 years because I no longer have any arrythmias, which were apparently due to my poor diet and all the nutrient deficiencies.

After Dr. Aieta ran an allergy profile it was found that I don't even have the allergies I was told I had so I stopped taking my singulair, zyrtec and have been perfectly symtom free. Dr. Aieta's wholistic treatment of my condition resulted in all of those symptoms going away. I also had elevated liver and muscle enzymes due to taking lipitor, which promply returned to normal once I stopped taking it. The severe hand and leg muscle cramps also went away. The best part is that I'm off the cholesterol med. (lipitor) and my cholesterol reading remained low with Dr. Aieta's diet/supplement plan.


I just recently had my latest follow up appointment with Dr. Aieta. He has been treating me for the past 9 months for Type II diabetes and will monitor my blood work every 3 months. I am happy to say that at my last appointment he informed me that I was no longer considered a diabetic!

When I first came to see Dr. Aieta about 9 months ago I was on about 6 different medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. Despite being on all these medications my blood work was still terrible, my 3 month lab marker for blood sugar ideally should be less than 6, according to Dr. Aieta, and mine was around 8.6. My blood pressure was still elevated and I had virtually no energy what so ever. I had been following a diet that was given to me by my endocrinologist yet I couldn’t lose a pound, in fact it seemed like I was gaining more weight on a daily basis. Granted I wasn’t perfect with my diet but even my endocrinologist couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing weight, I was barely eating at all. He was ready to put me on more medications at our last visit.

After speaking with Dr. Aieta on my first visit, he told me I was eating completely wrong and that the diet that my endocrinologist put me on was actually making my problems much worse. The diet I was on contained way too much starch according to Dr. Aieta. All the fruit and grains that I was consuming were making my blood sugar much worse. He dramatically changed my diet and had me eating much more protein and vegetables as well as more often. He actually eliminated the fruit and grains from my diet altogether.

With in 2 months I had lost almost 16 pounds, had much more energy and at 3 months my blood work showed that my blood sugar dropped an average of 60 points. It is now 9 months since starting my diet and natural supplement treatment plan and I have lost a total of 60 pounds and am on no medications at all and have nearly perfect blood work. I eat all organic foods at this point (mostly protein and vegetables), exercise every day and am on a regimen of vitamins and herbs, prescribed by Dr. Aieta, that I take faithfully. Dr. Aieta changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I am no longer a diabetic, have normal blood pressure and plan on continuing my present lifestyle forever. 9 months ago when I first saw Dr. Aieta I was a 49 year old man who felt 80, now I’m a 49 year old man that feels 29. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, Dr Aieta. I just can’t understand why the so called expert in the field of diabetes (my endocrinologist) had no clue how to treat me, he just knew how to put me on more useless medication instead of getting to the root of the problem like Dr. A.

Marcus C

“I’ve got my life back.” That's what I told Dr. Aieta at my third appointment after just one month of treatment. I came to Dr. Aieta out of desperation. For over a decade I’ve sought help from doctors to gain relief from extreme fatigue, insomnia, brittle, cracked nails, dry, itchy scalp, swollen extremities, extreme weight gain, cravings for sweets and carbs, overall achiness and painful joints and memory loss. I was put on medication that seemed to make my symptoms worse and was told there was no correlation among my symptoms. Dr. Aieta listened to me, did extensive blood work and based on both my description of my issues and the blood work results, gave me a customized vitamin, mineral and hormonal regimen that address the root causes of my symptoms.

So how is my life now?

I can now go up and down stairs and get out of my car without my body aching. I get tired at night when I am supposed to and am awake and energized during the day. I sleep through the night! When I take my walks I no longer feel like I am sloughing through wet cement. My hands and ankles no longer swell by the end of my walks and I can actually make a fist, which I couldn't before because my fingers were so swollen. My back, arms and legs don't ache (in a debilitating way) when I exercise. My scalp no longer itches. My skin is no longer dry and flaky. My nails actually grow. I'm not constantly hungry and my carb and sweet cravings have decreased dramatically. I have lost weight and my short term memory is returning. I no longer feel like I am living in a fog. It's miraculous. If you feel miserable and 'traditional' medicine hasn't helped, please don't wait as long as I did to take charge of your health—make an appointment with Dr. Aieta.

Barbara L.

On and off for years I would have “attacks” where I experienced a steady gnawing pain in my upper right abdomen. It would progress until the pain was so severe that I thought I was having a heart attack. During my last attack I had to be brought to the emergency department, where I was finally diagnosed with gallstones. The doctor gave me painkillers and insisted that I spend the night in the hospital. Upon waking the next morning I was taken for an ultra-sound. The ultra-sound confirmed the doctor’s diagnoses. I did indeed have gallstones. I was told to schedule an appointment with a surgeon right away. I met with a surgeon the very next day. He told me that I needed to have my gallbladder taken out immediately. He explained two possible ways of performing the operation and told me that there was a chance that I would still experience problems after my gallbladder was removed

I left his office crying and confused. I knew there had to be an alternative to surgery. Through years of mistreating my body I created my gallstones, so I felt that I should be able to break them down with a non-surgical treatment. Friends and family told me to have my gallbladder removed and just be done with it. I didn’t feel that surgery was an option for me, so I started to look into alternative ways to get rid of my stones, and that’s when I met Dr. Aieta.

During my first visit with Dr. Aieta I was confident that I could overcome the problems with my gallbladder without having it removed. Dr. Aieta was optimistic and knew that I could conquer the gallstones. He had my blood tested and spent an hour with me going over every detail of my test results. Within a week he had me on an elimination diet for gallstones, eating for my blood type, and moving the toxins out of my body through biotherapeutic drainage. A month later he had my blood re-tested. The results showed an incredible improvement in my overall health. My cholesterol dropped from 246 to 160 and I had dropped 10 pounds without even trying. Best of all, I hadn’t experience any gallbladder attacks. Several other astounding changes had occurred. I was flabbergasted. The simple changes that I had made in my lifestyle truly had an overwhelming positive effect on my overall health.

Dr. Aieta motivates, encourages, and cares about his patients. It has been seven months since I started Dr. Aieta’s prescribed plan and I have not experienced any gallbladder attacks and I feel great! My friends and family, the ones who told me to have my gallbladder surgically removed, are now believers in natural therapeutics. Many of them have become patients of Dr. Aieta and are now living a healthier lifestyle. I am grateful to Dr. Aieta for his continued support of my health. He truly changed my life for the best.


Over the course of two years Dr. Aieta helped me so much and I feel fortunate that I was refereed to him. I met Dr. Aieta two years ago in January 2006. I came for my first visit trying to evaluate if I can avoid laparoscopic surgery to remove benign cyst on my right ovary. After my third child my menstrual cycles were very chaotic, with periods returning every 10 days. My ob/gyn doctor kept convincing me that changing birth control pills will regulate this problem.

At the same time she found a benign cyst on my ovary that was a source of this unusual bleedings. She suggested that laparscopic surgery will resolve the problem.

After in depth review of my laboratory results, Dr. Aieta recommended two different supplements, and to stop my birth control pills. To my surprise, my cycles completely returned to normal within two months, I gained more energy and I haven’t had a problem in 2 years.

In December of 2007 another problem arose. I started to experience left shoulder pain and intense headaches. These headaches were an intense stretching pain pulling at my ears, nose and top of my head. I wasn’t even able to wear hair pins or elastics because the intensity of the pain was so overwhelming. I was unable to sleep at night because as soon as I placed my head against the pillow the pressure in the head, neck, and shoulder irritated me and increased the intensity of the headaches. I was exhausted and scared about the possible source of this constant headache.

My primary care physician gave me two prescriptions, one for muscle relaxation and another for depression. I was beside myself that this doctor would prescribe an antidepressant without even discussing it with me. I decided to go see Dr. Aieta at the end January 2008 after e-mailing him my concerns. He explained to me that source of my headache was a tight muscle in my left shoulder and neck. He discussed treatment options with me, and now at the middle of March 08, my headache is almost completely gone.

During the course of treatment I was taking a homeopathic muscle relaxant, receiving ultrasound and acupuncture treatments on my neck and shoulders, and my spine was realigned every two weeks. My sleep returned to normal and I’m now able function normally during the day. Yes, I have to be aware when tightness in my shoulder starts to increase and keep up with stretching exercises that Dr. Aieta suggested and continue with acupuncture on a prophylactic basis.

These two examples demonstrate how I gained my health back through simple, natural, noninvasive measures. Also I was enriched with new knowledge how to care and prevent my health problems. As a health care educated person I strongly support science and research based findings. I also believe that we here in the USA have advanced resources and technology that can safe many lives. At the same time I’m quite often disturbed how licensed health care professionals apply these resources and how poorly they educate their patients about preventive health care choices. I greatly value gaining my health back thanks to Dr. Aieta's natural approaches of health.


Sadly, it was too late for my mother when she found out she had a large and inoperable malignant tumor that was wrapped around a major artery located between her heart and stomach. Within 6 months she was gone but her desire to seek out natural remedies and a doctor who was truly educated and experienced with such remedies, lived on in me.

I did the best I could to eat and live healthfully though still running into problems like an occasional breakout of hives and a few colds or viruses every year. It wasn't until I was away on vacation and began noticing my heart beating irregularly that I realized I needed to do more to treat my body right. I was so startled by this, it not only ruined the rest of my vacation but lead me to believe that I may've had serious heart problems. Upon coming back home, I immediately began seeking out professional help. Over a period of about 2 years, I sought the help of 3 different cardiologists, all very reputable in their field. None of them could tell me why my heart was beating irregularly. I took just about all the heart tests there are available but they kept saying everything was fine and I was healthy though it may be something to be concerned about when I'm older. Hello, I would think a doctor could appreciate the fact that I'd like to prevent that scenario- ?? This only frustrated me more as I knew there had to be a reason.

The thought of trying a naturopathic doctor moved to the forefront of my mind and I began to pray about it and research the internet. There I found my first (and last as long as we're in this area) naturopathic doctor right here in the town where I reside- Dr. Frank Aieta.

At my first appointment, Dr. Frank's serious no-nonsense approach but calm "bedside manner" already put my fears at ease. Anyone could tell he knew what he was talking about and I had no doubt that he could help me. I left with instructions to have my blood work done and another appointment. A few weeks later, he had the "low down" on what was causing my heart palpitations as well as anxiety and some other more minor health concerns.

My blood work proved my body was deficient, extreme in some areas, of certain important vitamins and minerals. Dr. Aieta also encouraged me to remove some foods from my diet that I later realized were causing intestinal issues and allergic reactions (hives). Just by following his advice with my eating, I saw my body begin to feel significantly better and have much more energy. After taking his prescribed supplements my energy level shot straight up and I felt so good I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. I hadn't felt that good since I was in my 20's which is nearly 2 decades ago.

It has been two years now and I no longer suffer from chronic heart palpitations- thanks to an herbal medication and diet Dr. Aieta prescribed along with meditation, or prayer as I call it. It has also been almost two years since I've had a breakout of hives and I cannot remember the last time I had a cold. I was also able to stop a nail fungus dead in it's tracks without taking a life threatening medication but instead an herbal remedy that works along with my body also prescribed by Dr. Frank. And it doesn't stop there.

My husband also goes to Dr. Frank now and was able to bring his high cholesterol count from 220 down to 140!!!! He did it by following the same diet as me, as well as using supplements all prescribed by Dr. Aieta. Gradually, I began incorporating the diet prescribed by Dr. Aieta into my children's meals on a regular basis. My younger son who has allergies and bouts with asthma and eczema has not had ANY asthma or eczema symptoms in almost... you guessed it two years, which is when we began following Dr. Aieta's regimen. Dr. Aieta, thank you!! You are truly a God send!!!

Leila W.

When I first met Dr Aieta I was very skeptical. I was very unhealthy and had been seeking help with my primary physician for several months. My chiropractor suggested I make an appointment to see Dr Aieta. I will to this day, be forever grateful for that suggestion.

On my first appointment with Dr Aieta, I told him what had been going on with me. The high blood pressure, overweight, swollen hands, acid reflux, ulcer, hot flashes, joint pain, tired all the time and no energy. He spent over and hour with me taking a very detailed history and physical exam and he sent me for blood work. When the blood tests came back it revealed that I was borderline diabetic, my cholesterol was 252, my liver and kidneys were very overworked and the uric acid in my blood was very high indicating the early stages of gout. I have been troubled with migraines and acid reflux syndrome all my life. Recently I had undergone surgery, which left me with hot flashes. I was also just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Basically, I was falling apart.

Dr Aieta had already suspected some of what was going on with my body before the blood test results, however this confirmed it. He immediately put me on the blood type diet and some natural herbs and nutrients to start opening things up with my kidneys and liver. I immediately lost 12 lbs in 10 days from all the fluid I had been retaining. I no longer needed the medicine that was prescribed for me by my primary physician for the high blood pressure and water retention. My joint pains had also dramatically improved.

Secondly, Dr Aieta started working on my acid reflux and ulcer. I took his naturals herbs and no longer needed my Acifex for this problem. As long as I followed the diet, I felt fine.

Now it is 5 months later, I have lost a total of 40 pounds, I have more energy and pain free (joint and migraine), my cholesterol is at 211 and I have dropped 2 prescriptions.

I know, I still have some more work to do to be back to healthy status fully; however I have made so much progress. I call Dr Aieta my miracle worker. My primary care physician probably would have never had seen all this coming or would have had me on more meds. They cover the problem up and Dr Aieta solves them. It's like he shook me and woke me up from this nightmare and showed me the right way to live.

With Dr Aieta's knowledge and determination (and my own), I will live a happier and healthier life. Thank you just doesn't seem enough for giving me back my livelihood.


For many years I suffered with very erratic blood pressure levels. I had been to numerous cardiologists and tried dozens of blood pressure medications and nothing seemed to regulate the pressure for too long. I would go through times when my pressure would go too low and I’d have to go off all medications and it would run perfect for a while then it would go through the roof, to the point of severe headaches. I finally decided to seek an alternative and went to see Dr. Aieta. I came to see him in the winter time and my pressure was running quite high at the time, despite being on 3 different medications.

Dr. Aieta took a very thorough history and did an exam. He asked me if I noticed if my pressure changed during different seasons. I thought for a minute and told him that it tends to run much lower in the summer oppose to winter, but that I just attributed that to me being more active in the summer and less so in the winter. I actually worked outside all summer long doing landscaping and was much more sedentary in the winter. Dr. Aieta went on to explain that the variation in my blood pressure was probably due to low vitamin D in the winter due to the lack of sunlight. He then went on to read me numerous studies that showed how low vitamin D can severely affect blood pressure. He decided to check my levels through a blood test and when the results came back he found my level to be 4, he stated that the optimal level was around 60...Wow!

Dr. Aieta started me on a high dose of vitamin D for the next 4 months and my pressure started to gradually come down. It has been almost 2 years since I first saw Dr. Aieta and my pressure has been perfect all year round, without medications, as long as I maintain my vitamin D levels within a good range.

Dr. Aieta also taught me how to eat properly and corrected numerous other deficiencies which have helped a lot with my other health concerns. I am amazed that no other doctor ever thought of checking my vitamin D levels, even the so called blood pressure specialists. I think that all they specialize in are expensive drugs that don’t work! Thanks Dr. Aieta for caring enough to look for the actual cause of my problem instead of just giving me a band aid treatment.


When I first came to Dr. Aieta, I had been to various specialists trying to get my thyroid under control. I had been placed on the thyroid medicine, Synthroid a few years back but still seemed to be suffering from symptoms of low thyroid. My symptoms included extreme fatigue, water retention and an inability to lose weight despite intense daily exercise and following a strict diet. Every doctor I would go to would look at my blood work and tell me that my thyroid was working properly and there was nothing more they could do. They would tell me I should just stay on the Synthroid because there were no other options. After meeting with Dr. Aieta he explained to me that some patients just didn't respond well to Synthroid and that there were indeed other options. The first thing Dr. Aieta did was run some more blood work to check for something called free T3. Apparently this is the more active of the 2 types of thyroid hormones and that Synthoid was just T4, the less active one. He explained how the body needs to convert Synthroid or T4 over to the more active T3 hormone. He said that some people had a harder time doing this and despite being on thyroid medicine they still would have symptoms of a slow thyroid.

When we got my results back, my T3 levels were indeed very low. Dr. Aieta had me switch over to a natural thyroid medicine that had both T3 and T4 in it. He also put me on a natural adrenal supplement because he said I had very low cortisol and a hormone called DHEA, and he said that these needed to be corrected in conjunction with treating the thyroid.

It was amazing, after only a few days of being on the new thyroid medicine and adrenal supplement I felt so much better. Once I started feeling better, Dr. Aieta said we should investigate a little further to determine why my thyroid was not functioning properly. He explained to me that in order for the thyroid to make thyroid hormone it needed the mineral Iodine in adequate amounts as well as other minerals like selenium and zinc. He had me do a specialized test to check my iodine levels through a urine sample. He had me take a specific dose of iodine then collect my urine for 24 hours, then send a sample to the lab. Dr. Aieta explained that if I had enough iodine in my body then I would eliminate majority of the dosage through the urine but if I was deficient I would retain it.

When we got the results back, Dr. Aieta was very shocked by the results. I apparently only eliminated about 20% of the iodine I took in, indicating a severe iodine deficiency. I began taking iodine on daily basis and an amazing thing happened after only 3 months, I was actually able to get off of the thyroid medication because my thyroid was now working again on its own because it had enough Iodine now to make thyroid hormone. I can truly say that I have never felt better in my life and it’s all because Dr. Aieta actually uncovered the root cause of my problem and addressed it.

Janice C.

The Infertility Myth: I was shocked and devastated when my mainstream infertility doctor told me I had a one percent chance of getting pregnant naturally, five percent, with all their help.

Even though I was very fit and healthy, at 42 years old, my ovarian reserve had become depleted. Scared to death that my time was quickly running out to have a baby, I dove into all the chemical methods including IVF. It failed repeatedly. When I had reached a point that I was emotionally, physically and financially spent, Dr Aieta recognized that I was ready for his alternative.

He asked, "now that you've tried the chemicals, would you like to try my way?". He put me on a treatment plan of homeopathic hormonal cycling remedies. I could feel my hormones humming and my cycle became perfectly in sync with the moon as the treatment plan suggests. Dr aieta also prescribed chaste tree and acupuncture. After just three months, I became pregnant, naturally !

On March 5th, 2008 I gave birth to an incredibly healthy baby girl. I am convinced that Dr Aieta's treatment plan combined with a very healthy lifestyle and a never give up attitude are responsible for shattering the infertility myth.

Suzy K.

I had been suffering from digestive problems my whole life it seemed. I had been to numerous doctors over the years and was subjected to many unpleasant tests and procedures. The doctors kept telling me that there was nothing wrong with my digestive tract; it was just irritable bowel syndrome. I was prescribed many different drugs including an anti-depressant despite me not feeling depressed. I took all these medications for a number of years and my symptoms were still the same but now I was getting new symptoms due to the side effects of the drugs. I was tired of living with constant digestive problems; always worrying when I left my home, where the nearest bathroom was located.

I finally heard about Dr. Aieta through a friend, whom Dr. Aieta cured of her longstanding digestive problems. I quickly made an appointment, hoping for a miracle. When I first met Dr. Aieta, the first thing he asked me after listening to my history was, “Out of all the doctors that you have seen over the years, has any of them talked to about diet?” I had to think for a minute and I replied, “maybe one doctor mentioned that I should try eating more fiber, but that was the extent of it” Dr. Aieta then asked me many questions regarding my present diet, my ability to deal with stess, sleep patterns and energy level. He inquired about things that these other doctor never even thought about asking. By the end of the visit he prescribed some dietary changes which included the elimination of wheat, dairy and corn.

Dr. Aieta noticed I had been eating large amounts of all three of these foods on a daily basis. He suggested good substitutes for these things and put me on some herbs and supplements that would help with my digestion. He also ran a very complete panel of blood work to rule out nutrient deficiencies and a possible wheat allergy. I noticed after only 2 days of following Dr. Aieta’s recommendations and taking the supplements that my symptoms had improved dramatically, I was totally amazed but at the same time angry at the other doctors who failed to treat me properly and simply discuss diet with me.

I had suffered for over 30 years with digestive problems and Dr. Aieta practically cured them in 2 days without drugs or surgery. Apparently I had a wheat allergy as well as an intolerance to dairy and corn and all that needed to be done was eliminate these foods from my diet. In thinking back, the doctor that gave me the advice to eat more fiber also suggested that I consume more whole wheat because he said it was a good source of fiber… Unbelievable!!


I had been suffering from chronic back pain for about 10 years before I started seeing Dr. Aieta. I was diagnosed with having a mild herniated disc, that my orthopedic doctor said was not bad enough to perform surgury on. He prescibed an anti-inflammatory drug that I have been taking for the past 10 years on a daily basis to help me get through the day. I had been to physical therapy, numerous chiropractors, and massage therapists over the years and only got temporary relief that lasted maybe a day after the appointment.

When I first saw Dr. Aieta, I was very skeptical after seeing so many doctors and therapists, but I decided to give it a try. Dr. Aieta was the first person to actually incorporate physical therapy, spinal manipulation, stretching, massage and acupuncture into one treatment session. He also got me off my anti-inflammatory drugs and onto a natural herbal anti-inflammatory and a homeopathic remedy for pain. I started seeing Dr. Aieta for a 45 minute visit, every week. I would leave his office almost completely pain free and would feel good for over a week instead of only a day.

It has been 6 months since I started seeing Dr. Aieta and I now see him every 2 weeks for about a half hour and I can actually say I am completely pain free. Within the past 6 months, Dr. Aieta also changed my diet and addressed a few other health concerns, which resulted in me losing almost 25lbs. Dr. Aieta did more for me in the past 6 months than any other doctor has in 10 years.

John P.

When I first came to see Dr. Aieta over 2 years ago, I was in bad shape. I had been diagnosed several years back with a form of rheumatoid arthritis that affected mostly my hands and arms as well as my ankles and feet making it difficult to walk. I had been to numerous specialists and had been put on countless drugs from pain killers to anti-inflammatories as well as several steroid injections. The medications would barely touch the pain at times and it seemed like my pain would never really improve, just get worse and worse. Finally fed up with it all I decided to go see Dr. Aieta out of desperation that he could come up with some alternative treatment for my condition.

At my initial visit with Dr. Aieta, he spent over an hour with me discussing the history of my illness and doing a complete exam on me. At the end of our interview Dr. Aieta said, “Based upon your history and physical exam findings I really think you have Lyme disease, have you ever been checked for it?” I told him that my rheumatologist ran a Lyme screen test twice and both times it came back negative. I told him that I do remember pulling multiple ticks off of myself in the past but never recalled a rash. Dr. Aieta told me that the ELISA test (Lyme screen) can be unreliable in diagnosing many cases of active Lyme disease and that you don’t need to see a rash to be infected with the Lyme bacteria

He recommended I do something called a Western Blot test through a specialty lab which end up came back positive. I was infuriated with my rheumatologist for never thinking of running this test and allowing me suffer for so many years. Dr. Aieta decided to send me to a Lyme specialist for further evaluation and possible antibiotic treatment. I started on the antibiotics but started to feel much worse and wasn’t able to tolerate them at all so I decided to stop them for now. I went back to Dr. Aieta and he started me on an aggressive herbal treatment plan to address the Lymes disease. I initially developed a slight worsening of my symptoms but nothing like with the antibiotics.

Dr. Aieta added in some nutrients and another herb that really lessened what Dr. Aieta referred to as the “die off reaction” from killing off the Lyme bacteria. After about a month of continuous treatment on Dr. Aieta’s plan I noticed about a 50% reduction in my pain symptoms and was now having more good days than bad ones. It took almost a year of off and on treatments with Dr. Aieta but I can honestly say that I am 100% better and have not had any relapses.

I’d like to thank Dr. Aieta for everything that he has done for me over the past few years and if it wasn’t for him diagnosing and treating my Lyme disease I don’t know where I’d be in terms of my health right now.

Peter S.

I am a 54 year old female who started seeing Dr. Aieta a year and a half ago for the treatment of hot flashes associated with menopause. I was also experiencing some mild depression and an inability to concentrate and remember things. I had been to numerous other physicians and one of them had to nerve to tell me that it was all part of the aging process and that I would have to live with it or I could take hormones. I had recently read that hormone replacement can cause cancer and strokes, which scared me. So it appeared that my only options were to live with feeling rotten or risking cancer or a stroke, neither of which seemed too appealing.

When I first met Dr. Aieta I was in pretty bad shape. I was having at least 20 hot flashes during the day and extreme night sweats that kept me up all night. I was exhausted and felt miserable. Dr. Aieta assured me that he would be able to help me. I was very skeptical at first because I felt like I was in such bad shape that no one could help me, but was I wrong.

At our first visit Dr. Aieta spent almost an hour and a half discussing my medical history with me including my diet and lifestyle. He started me on a specific diet which included foods that would act like medicine for my body. He also talked a lot about lifestyle and how balance and routine are so important. He then prescribed herbs, nutrients, a homeopathic remedy and even gave me an acupuncture treatment. I was extremely impressed with how knowledgeable and caring Dr. Aieta was. He was the first doctor to actually explain to me why I was feeling the way that I was and that I didn’t have to just live with it or take prescription hormones that he explained, were actually derived from horse’s urine….gross! I left his office that day with a sense of hope and just knew I could overcome my health problems.

That night I actually slept the best I had in years and Dr. Aieta said I probably would after the acupuncture treatment, and he was right. I started taking all of the supplements and herbs that he prescribed for me and within about 5 days my hot flashes had reduced from 20 a day to 1 or 2 mild ones and I was not getting anymore night sweats.

It is now one and half years later and I have no hot flashes whatsoever and feel like I did when I was in my 30’s. Dr. Aieta has helped me overcome many other health concerns over the past year and half and I still see him on a monthly basis for acupuncture, spinal manipulation and most of all encouragement. I am very grateful to Dr. Aieta for all that he has done for me when other doctors told me to just live with it because they didn’t know how to help me.


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was in my late 20’s with occasional phases of remission, but for the most part I dealt with daily symptoms of muscle weakness, visual problems and painful muscle spasms. Traditional medicine would help slightly with these symptoms but never really got rid of them completely. For the past 2 years I have been working with Dr. Frank Aieta and have been in complete remission for the longest stretch since being diagnosed over 20 years ago.

Dr. Aieta’s treatment started with dietary and lifestyle changes specifically removing processed and allergenic food from my diet. He ran extensive blood work that revealed numerous nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. Dr. Aieta treated my deficiencies with natural supplements and balanced my hormones through natural hormone replacement. Dr. Aieta was the first doctor to look at the hormonal connection to my disease. I recounted to Dr. Aieta the times in my life when my M.S. was the most manageable and it was only during my pregnancies.

Dr. Aieta explained to me that during pregnancy there is a dominance of the estrogen called estriol and that there is quite a bit of research out there demonstrating that this estrogen can be very helpful in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, especially M.S.

Dr. Aieta put me on natural bio-identical estriol and progesterone in conjunction with the other natural supplements. It took a few weeks for the supplements and natural hormones to build up in my system before I started to see an improvement but once it did my M.S. symptoms gradually got better and better until they were almost non-existent.

I am very grateful to Dr. Aieta in helping me manage this terrible illness and for bringing me to a greater level of overall health through proper diet, supplementation and hormonal balancing. 

Michelle S.

Dear Dr. Aieta,
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you seeing me on such short notice. I was in so much pain, and thanks to you after you did the acupuncture on my leg the terrible pain was gone the next morning. I was so scared because the pain was as bad as it was 3 years ago before the nerve dissection surgery. The night after I saw you the pain traveled behind my knee cap. I never had pain in that area before. The next morning I awoke with the pain gone!!!

I really wanted to say thank you for being the best doctor I have ever known. I honestly mean it when I tell you this. I admire your ability and knowledge that you have for healing people. You know so much more than my regular M.D. ever will know! Also I felt the need to tell you that you make going to the doctor a pleasure. You are real and down to earth, not arrogant like so many others. You talk to me like a friend would. Your receptionist is so sweet and friendly every time I have an appointment with you. The whole concept of a laid back atmosphere in your home office is so warm and welcoming.

Let me just thank you for one more thing while I am writing this to you. Because of YOU, my husband has quit smoking because of all the extra blood work you ordered for him that our regular M.D. over looked. You really scared him, and it worked! Knowing how hard it is to quit something so addicting as cigarettes, I am so proud of him for not even cheating at all with smoking. It is very hard for me to trust because of my trust issues from the surgeries from hell. I can say I have had 3 surgeries that went wrong, and I have suffered very badly because of them. I have a very intense fear of doctors, but definitely not you. I trust you very much, and you have helped me so much, along with my husband and daughter.

Thank you so much for being the best of the best! I think you are amazing!

Joanne T.